Pets have an uncanny ability of working their way into our hearts. They are descended from wild animals, full of power and grace, but they’ve been softened by lazy sunday naps and secret nibbles of kraft cheese. I try to make portraits that capture both the dignified and adorable facets of a pet. The finished product is a sculpture that will be enjoyed by both the people who love them and the ones who haven’t met them. Scroll down to learn more or click here to start your order.

Please read all of the following before placing your order

Each custom portrait is expertly designed to include as much character as possible. I start with a hand drawing and then transfer it into the computer to refine the details. Once the design is finished I send a picture for approval and then the production process begins. Every portrait is finished front and back with 2 coats of stain, 3-4 coats of varnish, and 1 satin top coat. The process takes several days because each layer needs to cure before the next one can be applied. Once it is complete I take pictures for my records and then send you the finished piece.

Price: $325 Every additional pet you add to the portrait is $95

Materials: Premium 1/4” Birch plywood (made with formaldehyde-free glue), solid Poplar (grown and milled in America), steel bolts (Made in America), stains and finishes from AMF (non-toxic, eco-friendly, and made in America). For more information about the materials I use go to my About page.

Typical dimensions with base: 18” W x 24” H x 4” D

Typical weight: 3-5 lbs

Color options: Black or Brown (see pictures for reference). Custom color available (+$30). 

Lead Time: 1-2 weeks plus whatever waitlist I have when you place your order (more details below)

Some assembly required upon arrival. There will be instructions in the box and I’m always available if you have any questions

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More detailed information and instructions

How this works: Upon placing your order there will be a form where you can specify the details of your portrait. This form will include the text for your plaque, which wood color you’d like, and more. Once I receive the order notification I will send a followup e-mail to collect photos. I like to work from as many photos as possible so please submit as many as you can, even if they are blurry or only show part of your pet. The form will also have a section for you to submit any questions or requests and I’m available anytime via the “Contact” tab. Your spot on the waitlist is not secured until you have replied to the followup e-mail and submitted all photos for your portrait.

Lead Time: Each sculpture takes 1-2 weeks to design and produce, plus the waitlist I have when you place your order. Once the design is finished I will send you a picture for approval. You have 7 days to request any changes. If I do not hear from you within those 7 days the design will be finalized and cut. Once the design is cut it will be stained and finished which take 3-5 days. It is then packed and shipped via USPS Priority Mail and usually arrives within 1-3 business days. Everything you need to assemble it will be inside including instructions and I’m available if you have any questions.  

The Waitlist: The waitlist can get very long, especially before the holidays, please plan accordingly. I highly suggest placing Christmas orders before October. You can email me anytime to find out how long the current wait list is. 

Purchasing additional copies for friends and family: I now offer the option of purchasing multiple copies of your design so you can gift them to friends and family. They are available for $150 each and you can order as many as you want. You will also have the option of purchasing them in the future but you will have to pay for additional shipping.

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Terms and Conditions

Refunds and exchanges: Because this is a custom piece I do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Cancelations: You can cancel your order for free within the first 48 hours of placing your order. If you cancel after the first 48 hours but before I begin designing your portrait the cancelation fee is $75. If you cancel your order after I begin working on your portrait the fee is $225.

Pictures and social media: I take pictures of every design I make for my portfolio. I sometimes post those photos on my website and/or social media pages. like the option of including an original photo of your pet(s) but will ask before doing so. If I post any information that makes you uncomfortable you can contact me to have it edited. 

Sizing: My laser cutter has a 18” x 24” cutting space which is why the maximum size is 18” x 24”. If you want a larger portrait I would need to outsource the laser cutting to a larger machine which would cost an additional $150-$300. The size of the poplar base is approximately 8” W x 4” H x 4” D and cannot be changed. 

Replacing a portrait that was damaged during shipping: Send me a picture within 7 days of arrival and I’ll send you a new sculpture. The replacement will be free and you won’t have to send the broken one back. A new portrait will take 5-7 business days to make plus 1-3 business days to ship.

Replacing a portrait that was damaged after shipping: I keep the file for every design so it can always be reproduced if your sculpture is damaged. A replacement works the same way as a reproduction, it costs $150 and takes 5-7 business days to make plus 1-3 business days for shipping.  

All information including prices and availability are subject to change 

Everything I make is my intellectual property and can not be reproduced or modified without my permission. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. I typically reply to inquiries within a few hours. 

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