Sarah Mimo Manufactory grew out of a side project in 2011. At the time I was living in Brooklyn and working as a freelance graphic designer at a textile company. I wanted to start doing product design but I didn't think I had the background for it. I had a degree in illustration which wound up giving me great experience for what I do now but at the time it felt like a big mistake. So when I started making clocks it was just for fun, I never thought I'd still be making them years later or that they'd become my full time job, and for that I feel incredibly grateful. This has been a dream that I was unwilling to entertain and it's only come true thanks to the people who go out of their way to support small businesses and artists like myself. Thank you. 

All of my products are designed and produced in Chicago Illinois. I use the highest quality birch plywood for its strength and warp-resistant qualities. Each piece is laser cut for precision and consistency. The stains I use are a custom blend made with an Eco-friendly acrylic base and light-fast pigments that won't fade over time. The finish I use is a high-quality zero VOC varnish that's an earth friendly and safe alternative to traditional wood finishing products. I am always updating my production methods to make my creations as environmentally friendly as possible. 

For more information about the design process check out Maker Sessions: Sarah Mimo Clocks on Shakti Dove or the Sarah Mimo feature on Buzzfeed.

For a full list of products check out my Etsy shop.